Quartz-New Selections!

Quartz is a man-made material, especially designed to resist heat, scratches and stains, which makes it ideal for kitchens and is the highest rated countertop material by consumers. It’s incredibly hard and non-porous, so it will be a low maintenance surface for your kitchen. Quartz patterns are very consistent and do not have the unique veining and swirls like granite.

Quartz Selection Available in 108″x 26″|108″x 36″|108″x 42″

white star

White Star
black sparkle

Black Sparkle
grey star

Grey Star
beach pearl

Beach Pearl
harvest grain

Harvest Grain
white pearl

White Pearl
casta carrara

Casta Carrara
oceano wave

Oceano Wave

arctic wave

Arctic Wave
white venatino

White Venatino
frozen leaf

Frozen Leaf
antique white

Antique White
super white

Super White
black knight

Black Knight
new navajo

New Navajo
bling bling black

Bling Bling Black
coco beige

Coco Beige

brown picasso

Brown Picasso
hermosa wave

Hermosa Wave
opal brown

Opal Brown
white desert

White Desert

calacatta cielo

Calacatta Cielo
capo bianco

Capo Bianco
fedora white

Fedora White
Dreamland Brown

Dreamland Brown
 Dorado Wave

Dorado Wave
 Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue(New!)
Calacatta Everest

Calacatta Everest(New!)
 Calacatta Del Sol

Calacatta Del Sol(New!)
 Calacatta De Cascada

Calacatta De Cascada(New!)