Basic Cleaning:
To keep your countertops clean, use a microfiber cloth to dust off the surface. After removing visible dust and smaller particles, you should also wipe down the countertop and as needed using water. Once a week, wipe down with a damp cloth and stone cleaner, but do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners which can scratch, pit, and etch the surface of the stone. For stains, use a poultice (porous solvent) made of a cup of flour or baking soda, a few tablespoons of soap, and some water. Place the solution directly on the stain and cover with plastic wrap overnight before washing away the poultice.

Granite Maintenance:
Sealing is a regular maintenance task for granite to ensure the granite from cracking. Re-seal the countertop when water splashed on the surface no longer beads up. This should be done once installed and every 6 months.  You can purchase granite sealer at many hardware supplies stores.